Sunit Girkar

  • Sunit is working in logistics industry for last 22 Years andhas complate knowledge of Operactions in Air & Sea.
  • Due to this rich experience, his 010 has increased immensely in connecting with People.
  • He has a global connection with Agents located in almost every country to deliver shipments to and from every part of the globe.
  • He has the knack to always build the bridge to connect and enhance any customers business.
  • As one of the leaders in Logistics industry, he is popularly known as a TROUBLESHOOTER and an INNOVATOR.

Trupti Girkar

  • She has been in Shipping industry for a decade and has an expertise in special cargo handling like 00G, BREAK BULK and HAZARDOUS CARGO.
  • She is a front leader of her TEAM in designing the company software programs which are also linked with the overseas offices & counterparts located in ASIA, EUROPE & US.
  • After gaining such a huge knowledge, she has taken a step towards entering the Logistics market to leverage her experience for the betterment of customers who want to make it BIG in the INTERNATIONAL MARKET
  • She has completed Diploma in Customs Clearance from Gar are Institute.
  • Due to her active interest in training and development, she conducts various training programs on Lashing and Securing of Cargo.

About GST Logistics

GST is an International Logistics Company who handle Supply Chain Management need of Exporters and Importers.
We have a GOAL of providing services to our clients in a Comprehensive, Quality-driven and a Timely manner.
Our dedicated and experienced professionals always provide you with tailor-made logistics solutions, suitable for your particular needs.
GST logistics focuses on serving customers with global sourcing and supply chain management needs, creating value through innovative end-to-end international logistics programs.
Our core values are to maintain transparency, well-timed service and good relationship with our customers. Also, teamwork and continuous innovation is the foundation of our staff.

Dimensions of Ocean Freight Containers

These technical specifications reflect the container manufacturer's suggested maximum weight and cube and do not reflect the legal, permissible or recommended weight limitations. Loading a container to these limits may require special permits or may not be legal for transport. Please make sure to check with your account representative for legal limits in your state as well as any special requirements of the inland or ocean carrier or other agency.


The following Guide to Ocean Freight Container Specifications. The container specifications listed are virtually standardized world-wide. However, the possibility exists that individual container manufacturers and shipping lines will have container specifications which vary somewhat from those listed in this section. Be certain to inquire about precise specifications from your shipping line or forwarder when you arrange for a shipment.

Values / Details

All values listed in the tables are given in metric. Ft and lbs values are for easy reference only. All details listed are nominal figures. Apart from the tolerances given on internal dimensions below the tare weight can vary 2%.

General Information

External and Minimum Internal Dimensions The following table gives the overall external dimensions as standardized in ISO and the minimum internal dimensions and door openings for General Purpose Containers as standardized in ISO.